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Sigma, all good points. I can afford it without question, i have a very good savings account but the idea was use that money for a house. I have been living at home to save so spending up front would set me back about half a year in saving money wise. I am blessed to have parents who help me when i am stuck in a jam and there is not a thing worse than asking for help when they are nice enough to let me still stay at home rent free. I do not want to burden them with my problem and i feel this should be my problem and not something they should have to worry about.

Parts wise everything would need to be bought, nothing is at hand. I can save some money in certain ways, I had the timing belt done at 105K so that setup can be reused so that is about a $200 savings. Sell the turbo as a core for $100 and the short block for $300 so another 4-600 recouped. This is my only car but a friend of mine is going to let me borrow his in case i am out for some time. in the meantime i have a rental.

I agree i would like to keep the car for the obvious reason, its rare, fun and different and i spent alot of time finding one. However i must also weigh the fact of where i am going to be in the next 3-5yrs of my life and if 5-7K out of pocket can adversely affect that plan. Appreciate the help so far all, and sigma u can help me bye helping spc