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Robitrice Idea Thread
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So some of you may have heard but my turbo is shot and motor had turbo particulates in the oil. So i have a few options here and trying to weigh the pro's and cons of what to do and want to see what everyone else think on the options.....

car back ground and mods:
2005 GT 5spd with 132K on motor and driveline. Has for the most part basic bolt ons with the motor, fmic, cai, ebcs, tgv deletes, catless up and dp, walbro 255, vf52 (would stay with this turbo), brentuned, and a bunch of whiteline bushings and front sway bar. might be missing a few things. Plan was to have a fun dd and never had plans of going over 350whp until i had another reliable source of trans to take the lgt off the road and go project mode on it. So sound of what you would do...

Option 1: I can have a fully inspected, used vf52 put on and the oil system flushed until nothing shows and risk being in the same problem a week from now or get lucky and have it last another year or so.

Option 2: Same as option 1 except sell the car as is outright and fully disclose the issues to the buyer ensuring they understand there could be catastrophic failure imminent. use money to buy a another vehicle most likely high mileage and will need some work.

Option 3: Keep the car and buy a cheap $2k honda or toyota to get me on the road again and save up for a solid build and hope that nothing happens to my beater in the mean time

Option 4: Get a 2012 Sti Shortblock and get a basic build, freshen up the heads and be good for around 350whp, obviously the most expensive and would put me out thousands out up front but i would know exactly where the car is mechanically and know i have something sound and built right.

Now here is my thought process behind all of this. I sell the car and say i get 5K sold as is. I am not looking for car payments so a new car is out of the question, or even financing for a used one. I take the 5K and buy a used car, most likely going to need a little work and probably around 100K in miles. Most likely will need a 100K service done so another 1K spent. The only good part in this option is i am not out 5K as the money came from the sale.

Other thought is doing a rebuild and spending 5-7K knowing i have a brand new motor with zero miles and a good tune. This motor in theory should last another 100K and i would have piece of mind knowing that i essentially have a brand new car. Downfall is i am out 5-7K upfront opposed to possibly 3 yrs down the road when i would need a new car any way if i bought a 5K used one.
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