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Originally Posted by pleaidestar View Post
I'm good with that like to see what happens as well with my 22e, bit I'm still on the fence about the wires, mostly if I wanted to try the granatelli or the nology wires, I thought they claimed to have a low resistance plug wire too, with those or the granatellis I would be comfortable with that cold of a plug.
Nology has some capacitance in them so you get the peaking cap benefit, but Granatelli has no resistance. If you do want to go the plasma route later, you'll want the non-resistors.

Also, if you get for example some 30k capacitors at about 10 to 100 pf (have to see what works best on your car) and simply put them in parallel with your spark plugs. You'll then have the benefit of the peaking caps. You can get 4 of those capacitors, one for each plug, for about $10-15 if you shop around.

When the spark is initiated, the hv fills up the cap first and then it jumps the gap with what is in the cap both together and you get a bigger bang. You can do that with a completely stock ignition and get the benefit.

I'm just sharing this in case anyone wants to experiment.

You take the capacitor and one lead you connect inside the boot where the ignition coil connects to the spark plug cable. The other end of the capacitor, you ground to the engine. That's it. If there is too much resistance in the cables, connect cap to inside of boot where it goes onto plug. That of course is a challenge with deep well boots, but it is possible.

I can show a demo of that later, but I just want to get my non-resistors (non-Gratenelli brand) first so that is out of the way.