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Updates! I figured I'd keep this thread going as a pictorial if nothing else.

Got the heads back from the machine shop today. MAN do they look good. They were cleaned, milled, guides checked, valve job with both cylinder 1 valves replaced, new seals, ports thoroughly cleaned, the whole shabang. Total bill out the door was $558 with $130 of that being valves.

Resealed the oil pan and the front oil pump cover. I've read that the philips head screws on the back pump cover can come loose and cause horrendous damage, so I took them all out, cleaned, applied loctite, and re-torqued.

Here are the sparkling heads

New gasket and some fresh ARP studs.

The culprit

And it's partner valves, which appeared to be not fully seating. On two opposing sides you can see where the valve was clearly contacting the seat from a wear pattern, on the adjascent sides there is no wear, and a black layer of carbon seems to have been starting to form.

And how I left her for the night. Got one entire head on and torque down with the cams and all the fixins.

Still waiting on the injectors, and another misc. batch of stuff from fred beans. Cam bolts, OCV valves, an exhaust cam pulley, and a new torque converter seal.