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Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
Yea, it is tough having a car that starts every time you turn the key, doesn't need something replaced every weekend, and doesn't require you to own stock in Harbor Freight to keep on the road.

Stupid lack of character.
Just for the record, my 16 year old beater still starts up everytime, hasnt had anything needing to be replaced or required any parts or tools from Harbor Frieght (or pick n pull for that matter) since I bought it.

My old 98 Outback only had one thing break in 2.5 years of owning it. Never once "didnt start" and frankly looked better and drove better than most "newer" cars.

Originally Posted by laff79 View Post
I'm not saying buy a new car but just something that's not 15 yrs old.
Says the guy driving a 9 year old car... cause thats new.

Originally Posted by monkeyposeur View Post
Well, off to fix my old beaters.

Originally Posted by JFB View Post
I'm a bit confused as to why people who apparently have something against 2nd Gens because of their age are trolling around the 2nd Gen forum stirring up trouble. :/
THIS ^^^ !!!

Frankly, if you want an older car get one. If you want to pay THOUSANDS more up front (and still have to replace things unless you have a magic car that never breaks, or wears out) then go ahead.

I have owned several Subarus, some from "this century" and you know what? All cars need work. Doesnt matter if its 6, 9, or 15 years old.

But personally, I look at it this way.

I can pick up a 98 legacy sedan for about $2000 around here. Probably put about $1000 into it (maybe not even that much) and still be only invested $3000 into a car. You guys and your 05 LGT's are STILL paying $10-15K and then you have higher insurance rates, less available parts (think pick n pull, not napa) and all the while you are making car payments of $300 a month on average and Im putting $300 a month into my car to make it my own and modifying it. Its your choice gentleman, but if you are going to troll the second gen forums keep from looking down your noses at us cause we choose not (or cant) to buy a car from this century. Just because you think your '05 is nicer doesnt mean it is. I wouldve put Brooke up against any of your so called "new cars" anyday and overall, I would come out ahead.