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How much time is left on my Transmission?
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Hello, I have a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT with a 5sp.
I recently took the car in for a few repairs and the shop is telling me that they think I only have about a year left on the transmission. They say this because they can hear a noise. Now I am not entirely sure what the noise is as I have owned it for 2 years and it hasnt made any new noises since I have been driving it.

Now I trust this shop quite a bit, they were able to diagnose a bad steering knuckle that 2 other shops were not able to. They said they could hear and feel slight issues the bearing and narrowed it down to a knuckle issue.

But, from what I can tell, the noise they are hearing reminds me of an old army jeep transmission or something really mechanical. I guess almost a whining noise. I only hear it in first mainly at higher RPMs but the shop told me that they hear it in 1st and 3rd but it goes away in 2nd and 4th. I have heard other older legacies making this noise too so I never really thought anything of it.

So, I want to see if this is something anybody else has experienced or if there is anything I can do to help it from failing down the road (ie tranny flush or any addititves) I have never really heard of the 5mt failing so I am not sure if they are looking to get some more money out of me or what? The shop also said it would cost around $2000 to rebuild or I could get a used tranny installed for a bit cheaper.

Any thoughts?
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