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I know SPC is a brave forum dweller who would never pussy out and have his own threads closed to stop us helping him and enjoying light banter with one another. Sadly because of maybe some sort of software 'glitch' or database error some threads have become 'closed' which is perhaps to mean they are broken or otherwise full and so without reference they drift away like debris into space. This is unfortunate and sad, it means SPC does not get the help from us that he deserves and needs. At great personal expense and with a team of search experts from Harvard university I have found this lost thread:

I am sure there is much more help and advice we can now bring forward and openly discuss to the benefit and assistance of young SPC. Particularly as temptation for rice will only increase after being 'rear ended' by a "smokeshow" (who should be in full time employment and not on the roads... if only Spooky World was not just seasonal then our SPC would have been safe!)

With a fixed up motah and new paint - the desire for strange exotic wheels and glue on dangly bits from autozone will be too strong for our SPC - together as a band of brothers we must learn the signs and step in and intervene and prevent what would otherwise be a disaster of epic spending proportions if left unchecked. Ignorance of this condition is no excuse. Review the lost threads and SPC - don't fear, we are here... for you, this thread is full of care.
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