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Stalling issue
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So my 98 legacy gt just got out of Suburu for repairs I spent more than 1300 dollars because I was having issues with the car stalling and not firing up right so I had the harmonic balancer replaced all new belts and a front end oil seal because they told me these were the issues. When I got it from the shop the alternator had gone so I could t even test it out. Anyway a day later I got a alternator from the salvage yard and put it in myself the car fired up and seemed to be running ok but then everything went to hell on it again. The car is running rough there is a loud ticking to the engine and it stalls when it is in neutral. The idle fluctuates up and down and then it stalls. Also the check engine light came back on and after it stalls it is really hard to get it started again I have to keep the ignition turned for about 10 to 20 seconds and give it gas just to get it to start. I love this car and I have invested so much into it I kinda feel like I got ripped off by Suburu as the car is still not fixed. I have a feeling this could be related to the idle air control or possibly plugs but I am not sure. If anybody may know of any possible diagnoses it would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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