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I have it on my jet engine and leave it running even after it is up to temp - its more efficient. I also have it on my gas generator and it can be run in ultra lean conditions without any heating - it actually drops the temp. With this form of plasma, the more compression/air you cram onto the gap, the bigger the plasma grows - completely opposite from conventional sparks that will get snuffed out.

I'm putting in the non-resistors in the EJ25 and some 0 resistance plug wires and will move towards putting the plasma on the Subaru, leaning it out and doing those tests.

Plasma jet ignition circuits have been around for 40+ years but the plugs don't hold up. They need to be pure tungsten on the center electrode AND the ground. But it still works. NASA, Princeton, and all auto manufacturers have patents on it but they all use secondary power supplies to get the effect. My patent pending method is the most efficient and I made the need for secondary completely obsolete.

Anyway, I'm just surprised that it is so hard to find non resistor plugs for these Subarus.