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Got a few more things cleaned off today. The pistons and tumbler valves were pretty dirty so I gave them a wash.

Here's a closeup of the burnt valve. I didn't realize my pics were so small in the OP

I'm thinking I'm gonna go for the head studs. Better safe than sorry right.

- In regards to the turbo, I'm still up in the air on this one. I'm trying to keep everything bone stock. I emailed BNR about a rebuild, still waiting for a reply. I also ordered both OCV valves, as I've been reading their failure can blow a turbo too. Tomorrow I'll pull out the filtesr in the banjo bolts and inspect them as well.

- My gasket kit came in today. Holy hell there is a lot of stuff here. I'm gonna put a pic up of all the stuff that I don't know the location of. Can you guys tell me where some of these pieces go? Especially that funky foam.