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#1: 02-13-2013, 06:30 AM
Darn broad just rear ended me
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Like what the hell. Why do girls (stupid drivers in general) have to drive so damn close !! I was feeling generous today so I had stopped a couple times to let other people take a turn on to a street while i held traffic for them. So about a quarter mile from my school the roads were pretty narrow and there was a car parked on the road. So i stopped before the parked car so the other person could come through (the parked car was on the opposite side of the road so technically i didnt have to wait for them) and then BOOM! Some bitch in a dodge durango hit my rear bumper

I took a couple of deep breathes before I got out of the car, so that i didnt get super pissed and make the girl cry. I get out, and she gets out.... damn. She was a smokeshow! We exchanged info and i took pics of the damage. Turns out we go to the same school. Her friend, another smokeshow, couldnt be late for class or else she would fail. So i was offering to take a picture with her next to my car to show the teacher proof... she didnt buy it

Anyways, I called the police and they said no police is needed. Just exchange info. So I'll call my insurance company after class and get this fixed ASAP.

There is a bright side to this. There was a inch long nick on the rear bumper before she hit me so that will get addressed for free (in a way).


This is my first accident, so anybody want to explain the process of getting my baby fixed ASAP?

Im thinking its like, I call insurance. I go to autobody shop for estimate. Give the girl the estimate, and then hopefully by the weekend I can get this fixed.

It doesnt look like anything "cracked" so i think just a nice sand and repaint should be good!

This day sucks!
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