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Originally Posted by saitek2xx View Post
I agree that Audi and Lexus will be a lot more expensive when it comes to maintenance I'm already seeing that from my mom's BMW X3...
Audis, BMWs and MBs have a way of giving surprise anal to your wallet. Unless you have experience and enjoy working on cars, owning one of those past the warranty period is probably not for you. If you do like doing your own labor it's a little more feasible but the parts are still expensive.

Historically Lexus is far more reliable than the German competitors, even if many of their models are less exciting to drive. I know they made an AWD IS250, and there's AWD BMWs, Audis, etc but from a drivetrain standpoint the Subaru will be better than all of them.

I did consider E39 chassis BMWs- M5 and 540i. They are classy, decently powerful, comfy and have a legit back seat. I could handle the maintenance issues that crop up with them but ultimately decided I wanted AWD in a daily driver.

I've only owned my Subaru for ~7 months. Only major problem was the throwout bearing dying, which forced my hand on a clutch job sooner than I wanted. Just little stuff otherwise, and I'm willing to deal with that for a car that's pretty comfy, handles well for a 3400 lb sedan, and has a turbo and AWD.

Originally Posted by saitek2xx View Post
I'm looking for an white 3.6R Legacy 2010~2011 but it's very hard to find those near where I live. And I do not want the limited version because I'm not a fan of the wood trim even though it would have the navigation. I'm thinking of getting a normal 3.6R and put an aftermarket navi/audio deck.

Only thing that's stopping me from buying a 3.6R right away is the quality of the interior and the road noise but I guess I could ignore all that if it drives good.
I don't know what the long term reliability of the 3.6R is like, but I'd think it should be at least as good as the 2.5 turbos. The 3.6R makes about the same power but doesn't require premium fuel. What would keep me from buying one is the funny interior styling of the 2010+ Subarus, but that's up to you. It should be comfy enough. There's a little drivetrain noise with the Subies, at least the manual trans ones that have the front diff inside the transmission case. I'd think the autos would be quieter but I haven't driven one. I get a little gear whine in 1st and 2nd, quieter in 3rd and not noticeable in 4th or 5th. The cabin is fairly quiet in general though.

My accord from some reviews say that it's a quiet car but in reality and from actual ppl reviews it's noted as very loud (road noise) car. Some people told me that it's because of the tires that they put (stock) and if the tires are changed to something more soft it will lessen the noise. (I have yet to try that)
Tire choice can make a tremendous difference in road noise. For general purpose commuter tires I'd be looking at "grand touring" tires (check Tire Rack's website). These will usually have all-season type non-directional tread patterns and softer sidewalls that will soak up smaller bumps and transmit less noise. On my old daily beater Saturn I used to run Continental ProContacts and it was shocking how much quieter they were than the Goodyear Eagle whatevers they replaced. At highway speed all I heard was the engine buzzing along, and because the exhaust note (not loud on a 4-banger Saturn) smoothed out around 3500 rpm, the cabin was actually quieter at 75 mph than at 60. That's how far in the background the tread noise was. The cream of that category of tires for a long time was the Michelin Primacy MXV4, but I didn't quite have Michelin money at the time. Michelin has some newer models in that category that I haven't kept up with but might be worth a look.

Originally Posted by saitek2xx View Post
I'm an engineer for an utility company and I'm sometimes required to show up at work during hurricane/snowstorm/thunderstorms etc (when the road conditions are not so great).

So I looked into AWD cars and I'm 26 now and I feel that it's time for me to move on from a fancy looking coupe to something more practical with bit more space and comfort.


And i'm also open to other suggestions.
If you want high reliablity, maintenance costs that won't rape your wallet when they do crop up, comfort, a little space, and a drivetrain that will get you anywhere in shit weather, what about some flavor of 4WD Toyota- 4runner, Tacoma, Tundra, etc? If I only owned one vehicle that had to get me everywhere all the time, I'd want a little more ground clearance and cargo capacity than these sedans offer. My 85 4Runner was the only vehicle I owned until I was 30 years old.