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Originally Posted by bigjweb View Post
Je pistons use a 2618 alloy. Have you considered a 4032 alloy?
2618 is a more extreme duty piston used mainly for racing applications. 2618 is a low-silicon, high-expansion alloy. Because of this expansion, the pistons require additional clearances. That additional clearance can cause increased piston noise (piston slap) and increased oil blow-by during start up. Although, once the engine is warm, they are just like any other piston. Living in Minnesota, i'm guessing you will have plenty of cold starts. Finally, 2618 is stronger then 4032, but has a shorter overall life cycle.

Any word yet on what caused the failure?
No word on failure cause yet. I'm nowhere near having the funds to begin the tear down and build.

I don't have a strong opinion on the alloy used. JE comes highly recommended. Piston slap is accepted as fact around here, as is the need to bring the engine up to temp before showing it any boost. Not just the "blue light went out" but actual operating temp.

How much shorter are we talking on life cycle for a non-race application? The whole point is safety and long term reliability...

Originally Posted by GTEASER View Post
Thanks for the update!!! Honestly Surly, I am not an expert and don't know where your choices stand in the gamut of possibilities, but I trust your and NF's judgement. From what I do know, it sounds like a little extra compression is a good thing to improve overall driveablility since our turbos kinda max out around 20psi anyway.
I got the vibe that compression could go either way but higher compression was more dangerous for performance gains that I don't really care about. 20 psi with the stock snail on E85 is thuggish.

I'm not dead set on any of the parts if there is a really good reason to consider something else.