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2010 Legacy 3.6R or Lexus IS250 or other?
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Hi guys, first timer here.

I currently drive a 09 accord coupe v6 and although it's a nice car, I want to try something new. I'm an engineer for an utility company and I'm sometimes required to show up at work during hurricane/snowstorm/thunderstorms etc (when the road conditions are not so great).

So I looked into AWD cars and I'm 26 now and I feel that it's time for me to move on from a fancy looking coupe to something more practical with bit more space and comfort.

Long story short, I'm looking into Legacy 3.6R, Lexus IS250 and maybe an older Audi A4. My max budget would be around $23k.

I know this is a Subie forum but would like to hear some honest opinions of the cars I mentioned (if you have experience with them, that would be great).

And i'm also open to other suggestions.

Resale value of these cars?
Maintenance costs? Reliability?
Performance? (I do not want to try a 4cylinder car unless it's a turbo charged)
AWD performance?

Thanks very much for your 2cents.
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