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homelink has 2 sensors, front and rear. Light intensity is compared between the two so you were actually right. By blocking one of them you can control how mirror will react. If you block the rear facing sensor it will in theory put mirror in default/no tint mode

Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
^ My first thought was to put a piece of black electrical tape over the mirror sensor...and then I realized how stupid idea that would be, as it would render your mirror in "dark" mode almost always! Yeah, I can be pretty dense sometimes!

I've used (and currently still use, in my new Tribeca) the mirror's harness to get power for my SpeedCheetah GPS Mirror. This usually takes me a couple of minutes to play around in the car as I determine which pin slot does what, in terms of actually feeding uninterrupted but ignition-switched 12V power.

With that thought in-mind, I was wondering if you shouldn't just de-pin the two or three power wires feeding the mirror, and experiment with the final harness/pin combo that'll (hopefully) allow the HomeLink and compass functions to still be powered, but will cut the power feed to the mirror's light sensor......