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Originally Posted by EverReady View Post
So I just started my troubleshooting of this code, no real issues minus the CEL.

Would a heavy oil weight create more of a issue here I switched to Rotella synthetic...
I have used both 5w- 30 and 40 weight oils and my occurrence of this came with a 30 in the car. My turbo side banjo filter was about 50% clogged and the driver side was still about 75% open. p-side OCV was jammed but I possibly caused that getting it out. The extra 10 in weight might have contributed to your CEL but if there wasn't something else amiss the T6 by itself shouldn't be a problem.

I've had the car for over 65,000 miles and have been religious with my oil changes at 3750 up until about 20,000 ago when I switched to a higher grade Amsoil and started doing used oil analysis, which were all generally OK, as pertains to this issue, when I changed, all at under 9k on the oil. With my car there is almost 25,000 miles of unknown maintenance in its history so my guess is that that owner may have stretched her OCI further than recommended. I now have an Infamous filtered oil line replacing the turbo side banjo filter so can better monitor what's going on with the oil system conditions.