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Burnt valve, looking for options
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Hey guys! First post, and unfortunately it's not a good one. New to Subaru's, but not cars in general. I work as a tech for Lexus.

So my mother has an '05 Lgt, just over 118k. A few months ago it threw a p0301 code, and started to idle a little funny at cold start. I figured it was a coil and would get to it soon enough. Cleared the code, and it stayed away for a few months. About 2 months ago, the code came back. In this time, the idle had gotten significantly worse. Still totally drivable, but it felt like the motor mount were going back or something. Just a constant slight rumble. Cleared the code again, and bought some coils. About 2 weeks ago, the car started REALLy bucking at idle. True misfire. Felt like a machine gun. So I bumped up the priorities and finally threw the coils and plugs in. No difference. Bummer. Checked spark, good. Checked fuel, good. Check compression, BAD. Cylinder 1 had 40psi, compared the to other 3 that were around 200+. Went further and did a leak-down test, and air was just pissing out the exhaust. After about 5 minutes of deliberation, it was decided the motor had to come out.

Pulled the motor friday night, and found a burnt exhaust valve in cylinder 1, just as indicated by my tests.

So now my question is, where do I go from here? I need some opinions/advice/critique since I'm so new to these motors. My plan is to buy 8 new exhaust valves, and have the machine shop install them, and grind or lap the seats. Also clean and inspect all the intake valves/seats.

- I'm assuming the lash needs to be reset with the new valves installed? The little buckets look like a total pain in the ass to set up.

- Are there any aftermarket exhaust valves that are stronger? Or should I buy the OEM sodium filled ones again?

- I've heard horror stories about the 2.5 head gaskets, was this straightened out by 2005? I'm planning on using the OEM 10105AA720 gasket kit, and want to make sure everything is kosher.

- The turbo looks to be in great condition. No noise or abnormal play/wear inside. I've heard the VF40's can be rebuilt as long as there's no wear or play in the shafts. Should I look into a rebuild kit or leave well enough alone? At 120k I'd HATE to get it all back together just to blow another $500 on a turbo next month.

I also sent the injectors out to witchhuntperformance to be cleaned and tested.
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