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Originally Posted by Byll View Post
For me personally, our Legacies have always been much more than simply their gear shift mechanism. The Hondas I have driven have their idiosyncrasies, also. If your Legacy's credit/debit sheet works out in your car's favor, you might consider keeping it. There is no perfect car...

Good luck in your decision.

The fact is the shifter just isn't sexy and never will be barring a vendor with cable linkage experience stepping in with something aftermarket. It can be done, but it's unlikely. The forum has collectively tried to engage a few companies before.

That said, these cars shine in other ways. For example, you don't NEED to shift due to having torque all over the map. It took me a while to realize she doesn't need nor want to be run hot. The joy of this car comes from judicious application of the other two pedals... Get comfortable with how the weight shifts along with a new ECU map and it's a whole new ballgame.