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Should I sell or keep ?
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I have a 2011 LGT. love its look and the turbo engine, comfortable and safe for my 2 kids !. The one thing i cannot overlook is the wobbbly shifter and the clutch response of the car. The shifter is wobbly and the throttle response slow when going from 1-2. I think LGT really delivers its keynote speech in the higher gears. I am really debating since the shifter is not at all satisfying. I have Group N transmission mount, crossmember bushing and tranny fluid changed. Should I try the STI short throw before I give up on the car ? having driven a manual Honda was really sweet and gratifying even though it was just a FWD and had no turbo engine. Having gone through this experience I have come to realize more than the power itself, its how the power is put down or used. Like the BRZ - its just not about brute force power !

will the short throw help ? any other suggestions to make the drive a little bit more gratifying ?

by the way i loved this car - drove 500 miles in about 6.5 hrs not counting the breaks during a recent road trip and the sure footedness during rain was amazing !

as you can already tell I have mixed feelings about this car
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