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Originally Posted by bigjweb View Post
Coming together nicely. I like. If you could do it all over again from day one when you bought that car. What would you change? Maybe start with a spec for the six speed? Built block right away? Or would you do it all the same?
SpecB? No RBP, no 05-06 body lines, air pump, etc, no thanks.
The delta of a transmission transplant is less than the delta between my unlimited (which in 2004 was under 25k) and the 07 Spec.

Built block? Why would I build my block when I am still making a lot of power on my stock block? I am making ring destroying power but unlikely I am not making rod breaking power. Motor should be rebuildable when and if compression loss becomes a problem. Seems like building the motor or modding the car beyond the power level I can be at in the series I want to run is a waste of time and energy. To what? Show that I make as much or more power and am as fast as JMorris the "fastest 1/4 mi" LGT on the forum? He popped what, 3 motors and 2 trannies?

Id love to have skipped the first build right to the second.
Nothing WRONG with the vf39 and e85 street thug build. Its a brilliant combo for 99% of LGT owners and an obscene DD combo. If my friends did not drive 500-1000hp cars I likely would have been happy. I would have skipped the paint job till a few seasons went by on the track. If I knew that I was going to go bonkers and only want to drive it on the track I would not have done the interior as a reupholstery but with dual race seats.

Its entirely possible that I will sell the interior for about what I paid for plus the interior of the Legacy its going into. Its also entirely possible I will only swap the drivers seat and then toss in a bunch of real CF interior pieces just to make me feel faster

I suppose the smartest thing would have been for me to stick vf39 and spent the rest of the money on a dedicated track car but thats just not what I want.

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