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The Build List (Recommendations Courtesy of Nuke from NF Performance)

My overall power goals for the life of the car are modest. Perhaps 400 whp many years from now when I can afford to treat the LGT as a project car and reliability is no longer a concern. For the foreseeable future, I don't see pushing her beyond 350whp. Even that is a ways out as I can't afford to upgrade induction components and my tolerance for premature failure is roughly zero.

For this build, power goals will be at or very, very near what they were before things went south: 26x whp/33x wtq. All parts recommendations are assuming these relatively modest power goals.

On to the list...

Product name/number: JE 296348
Vital stats:
Bore: 99.75 bore
Compression: 8.5:1 compression
Weight: 405 grams
This represents a .25 oversize bore. The very modest bore is recommended to repair possible damage. Final compression calculated to roughly 9.2-9.3. In theory more power can be made with higher compression pistons with less boost, off-boost performance is also improved. The trade off for those performance benefits is safety. I'm digging the whole "safety" thing and I am quite content with how the car behaves at low RPM or off boost as it is.
Honorable mention for piston selection was Manley 612002C-4:

Product name/number: Manley 15024-4
Vital stats:
Center-to-Center: 5.137"
Big End Bore: 2.165"
Big End Width: .840"
Pin Diameter: .905" (23mm)
Pin Bore: .9063"
Weight: 560 grams
There are Manley's new "H-Tuff Series" specifically designed for higher boost applications. Nuke has heard fantastic things about these from early adopters. I beam rods are not necessary given my modest power goals. Were I go to go much bigger, the 100% premium of I beam over H beam would have been a worth while investment.

Product name/number: ACL 4B8296H-STD & 5M8309H-STD
Vital stats:
All sizes standard.
Bearing/Thrustwasher/Pin set: R94125
Excellent reliability reputation. No need for fancy-pants bearings as I'm not going with a novel crank setup.

Head Studs:
Product name/number: ARP 260-4701
Url: 260-4701
Vital stats:
ummmm... they're head studs
Same as the bearings. Good reliability reputation, no need for anything crazy. Reusing stock studs is risky at best.
Product name/number: OEM 10105AB280

Keeping it stock pending unexpected damage

**Post not yet reviewed by NF Performance. Disclaimer will be removed once that is completed**

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