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FS (SOCAL): 2010 Subaru Legacy 3.6r Limited (relatively unmodified)
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Year, Make and Model: 2010 Subaru Legacy 3.6r Limited
Color: Azurite Blue Pearl
Miles: 61,xxx (currently sitting at 60,xxx – but it’s my daily driver)
Transmission: 5 speed auto
Title: clear, but had a hit and run in 2011
Lien: No liens
Location: Orange County, CA
VIN: 4S3BMDL60A2218515
Seller's email address:
Asking Price: $22,000 medium firm

Background Information
Selling the 2010 Subaru Legacy instead of returning it AS A LEASE. The car has a bit more than 60,000 miles (about 70% freeway and 30% local) – and getting the 60,000 mile service done in the next week or so. I did a majority of the driving to and from Norcal for work in early 2010 and I’ve moved back since. The car has been garaged for I’d say 80% of its life – so the other 20% is from my 6 month stint driving back and forth from Norcal.

In the title summary, I did indicate there was a hit and run (no, I was not the hitter and runner). This occurred when my car was parallel parked and they hit my driver’s side while I was away (PM for pictures) – insurance covered all expenses with new OEM parts (since there were no junked parts) all taken care of at a friend’s shop in SF to get everything fixed (I have all pertinent records). Car has since put on 20,000 or so more miles with no problem with drivetrain, frame, suspension and other mechanical components (got it checked out at a subaru dealership JIC after i got it back from my friend's shop).

I DO take the car up the mountains in the snow, in the rain, in the shine. It drives VERY well (of course with snow tires – Michellin Xice2) in snow - i have driven up to 4-5 inches of unplowed snow with no difficulty whatsoever

I’m going to be honest – I don’t baby the car, but I don’t drive like I stole the car either. I purchased the car because I wanted something convenient and if necessary can get me from point A to point B faster than others per say

I do handwash the car but it rarely gets dirty – so most of the time I do a touch-less drive-thru car wash to wash off some dirt at a gas station after I get gas. I do plan on claybarring and re-waxing before I sell it, after my 60,000 mile maintenance.

With that all being said, I don’t race the car or do anything that would compromise the engine/tranny integrity. I do use the paddle shifters here and there for acceleration and if I am coming to a quick stop or rolling to a red, I may downshift – but otherwise, it is not very part of my driving.

Passenger-wise, most of my time is spent driving by myself, so there is hardly any wear and tear on my passenger seat, and even less wear and tear on my rear passenger seat. (In fact I had my airbag tag left on my car until a few months when my girlfriend was finally fed up and ripped it off )

Before you receive the car, the car will have its 60,000 mile service done. I have had all major services done as close to the mile mark and oil changes done on the 5kish (not as on the dot). I am very good about keeping records; I will give you the binder with all my records from the lease papers to the service papers, to the warranty papers, to the aforementioned hit-and-run, to even larger purchases I made (i.e the snow tires, yellowtop battery etc).

Additional Modifications/Add-ons
The car came with the navigation/back-up camera, upgraded sound system, defrosting mirrors, windshield wipers, trunk nets and moon-roof over the “base” Limited trim.

Also here is a list of what I’ve added on:
-snow tires (I will include them with the car) have about 5k on them from 2 years of driving, they are michellin x-ice 2's - and they are a bit thinner than the stock 225s (215/50/17) - i do not have a tread measuring device, but I can go take pictures with a quarter and post them up) the rims are 4th gen legacy rims - I believe I've posted up my car with them on before on the winter wheel section
-Front/rear tint (1 shade lighter on the front 2 side windows than the rears)
-yellow-top battery (about a year old)
-LEDs for all interior lights, door lights, and license plate (including vanity mirror) but not including the trunk
-drop-in k&n filter (not aftermarket intake, just a re-useable filter)
-wheel locks
-rubber floor mats (stock carpeted ones just sitting in the garage)
-HIDs (6000k and I have replacement bulbs and ballast if needed – and regular OEM bulbs that I used maybe for 2 weeks after I got the car)
-I did the Navi hack (not permanent and easily undone)
-cup-holder LED (same thing, not permanent and can easily be undone –currently done in blue, but I can change it to red for free for fun if you want )

The bad
I’d say the only thing bad:
-a slight scuff on the rear bumper
-a 2inch crack on the bottom of the front bumper near the middle and near the right fog light; neither have an effect on the integrity of the car (the foam support is still there)
-a very slight ding on the right side of the car (I’m assuming someone’s door)
-2 random scratches that are under an inch
-a pin-sized scratched on the interior of the passenger seat

Besides that, the car is literally untouched. Again, most of my miles came from highway driving. I am planning on putting new tires on the car as well.

Closing Remarks
Anyway, I am putting this post up here because I’d rather see the car go to someone that enjoys the car potentially for its practical purposes, can use the snow tires and enjoy the car as much as I did. There are absolutely no mechanical issues outside of what’s been indicated on the forums (maybe the “shimmy” issue? but I don’t see that really at all unless you’re driving it super hard) and I've already disclosed all of the cosmetic damage as well.

As far as my “credibility”, I don’t post a whole lot on this forum, but was very active when I had my Honda accord ( – same username) – and I have a ton of posts from that forum/good credibility there.

I would very much like a local buyer to discuss about the transaction - cash/check is preferred (no money orders pls)

Call me to schedule a car/drive/inquiries about it (714) 624-8832. Text is fine; my work hours are flexible and I can pick up my phone pretty much whenever!
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