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NA Forester present. I'm fairly new to this board, and I'm hungering for a new Legacy GT for the turbo, but in the meantime I LOVE MY NA FORESTER. It's a MT, and I've done some intake mods, and it is a hoot to drive!!! I love pushing the rear end around (the good thing about the raised suspension, you can break it loose easier and play with the AWD).

Same underpinnings as an RS, maybe a little heavier, just won't handle like one because it's so tall. But I've got the balls to kick the rear end out on a wet entry-ramp at 50 mph! And I love jumping past ricers at stop lights. Poor things gettin' outrun by a wagon!

Actually, I've thought about posting on here to see if there are any other Forester owners who drive them like they're actually a race car. I mean, I drive the crap out of mine, it pulls HARD right to the redline (and sometimes beyond), it really feels quick.