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Originally Posted by GTEASER View Post
^Yep, Rutchard did say that. But curiously he didn't say why he hadn't driven it in months.
Yeah, didn't want to derail the thread by going into details.
Originally Posted by BigBopper View Post
^^Wasn't he staying with his Mom, to help her get back on her feet...?
Bingo. Mom's going through chemo and I've been staying with her for a few months. My LGT is 4 states away at my house.
Originally Posted by SurlyOldManMN View Post
I thought he did some internals work too?
Nope, the engine has never been apart or out of the car. Still the OEM longblock. Somewhere around 36,000mi on it.
Originally Posted by BigBopper View Post
I don't think so ... but I may be wrong. I remember him doing FP, injectors, WBO2, different intake (maybe running OEM again after he had a problem w/something tearing up his fender liner), SD tune ... I can't remember him having anything done inside.
That's pretty much a complete list of the power mods. I was planning to put the stock airbox back in when winter rolled around, but I haven't been home so it hasn't happened.

Surly, I'm really sorry to hear about your engine woes, but I really don't think it's fair to point the finger at e85 and close the case. Cylinder 2 could have been week before the switch and more power pushed it further. Maybe the tune was too agressive? I know you said you didn't have too many miles on the e85 tune, but did you get your e85 at a consistent location? Even when I go to the same gas station all the time, I still test the e85 every time. The blend can range from 70-85%, sometimes even up to 90% If the blend changes, your tune needs to change. I have 2-3 maps depending on what the blend is.