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Installed Perrin Up-pipe, after pulling downpipe, bad news
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So I ordered a catless Perrin up-pipe, and it came in the mail I was happier than ever. Went to install it today after pulling the downpipe I thought I'd check the shaft play on the ol' turbo and just as I felt it my heart sunk. It probably moved side to side at least 1/2 a cm and in and out maybe a few milimeters. Its definately shot... No oil was leaking out of it and it didnt burn any obscene amount of oil that would make a differece in the oil levels. So It must just barely be hanging on right now. I can not beleive it was not blown by now. Anyways I'm sure you all hearn enough stories about that...

My question is that I was not able to find much info on here about was aftermarket OEM spec direct bolt on turbos. I can find them for around 400-550 brand new, then looking at OEM IHI's around 1200. I dont haver the cash to be dropping on an OEM IHI. But does anyone have any experience with other offbrand OEM spec turbos that carry the VF40 specs? They have 1 year warranties and such but im still kinda iffy on them. If they have worked great for others I wont feel so worried about buying it and installing the new turbo ASAP!

Any help guys, please! I need my car back. I'll still be driving it to work, luckily I work about a mile and half away from home. I will not be driving any distance till a new turbo.
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