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Originally Posted by GTride05 View Post
I'm looking to see what's the most power people have recorded while in stage 2? I want to set my car up for the most power possible but keep things stage 2.

I have seen people mention dynos with numbers around 290whp 310TQ but I've never seen if that was the most put down on record and what the best setup will be to get me the most reliable power.
Then get ready to spend a BUNCH of money.

Once the downpipe has been replaced and the car Properly Tuned, the bulk of any Stg2 has been achieved. From there the returns get progressively lower, and the costs get progressively higher.

If you have the time and money, compile a list of every option anyone has ever used for a Stg2 setup. Decide which ones you want.

Since you are in the "Tuning" forum, and the Street Tuner/Access Tuner Race Discussion Thread, can it be assumed you will be tuning these things yourself? I hope so. Because after that almost plug-n-play Stg2 step tuning the bits to maintain that "reliability" you also want becomes paramount... and if you have others do it, very expensive.

In the end, regardless of what you do with it, there will be less than 10% difference between your well implemented but basic Stg2 and any other one regardless of how many parts you throw at it. Ethanol will make more power, but it will cost you fuel upgrades and tuning... at a minimum.

Reliable. That's the kicker. A Stage2 car done properly is arguably at the edge of that mythical slope. Beyond that point "built motor" waits.