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Here's a doozy
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So, this will be a bit long-winded... but it is one that I cannot solve on my own.

I have a boxed frame specialty car constructed from a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT turbo with an EJ255. The original wiring loom was removed from the donor car, as was the front transaxle and running gear. The rear prop-shaft on the donor car was removed and the AWD system was essentially removed and blanked off. So, the engine, gearbox, and front transaxle were then removed from the donor, and inserted into my custom mid-engined toy.

So far- so good.

Since the engine was from a donor car with xxxx miles, I decided to build a new EJ255 and use the existing harness, ECU, etc. for it. Since then, I have the new engine, plumbing, turbo, electronics, etc hooked up and installed in the new ride- but am not getting fire.

I have checked and replaced: Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor, fuses, and still no fire. I have laid grounded a plug on the car and turned it over looking for fire- and there's nothing there.

I am thinking immobilizer, but don't know what to look for, where, etc. I read something about a Body Integration Unit online, but don't know what it looks like either, or how to trouble shoot past where I am now. I am pretty much a lost cause and getting discouraged by the day.

Any ideas, descriptions of what to look for, photos, or anything would be nice at this point. I have run out of ideas and am sure it is something simple... I just can't find it.

Top 10 reasons for not having fire that I have not checked??? Is there a way to test the immobilizer/reset it/replace it?
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