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#15: 01-30-2013, 09:20 AM
Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh. Sorry for all the amp stuff but some people need math....
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It is .04 watts per foot. If your amp is the trunk and you just run on cable to your front woofers. Say 15ft of cable. That is 30ft times .06 equals 1.8 watts. you have lost nearly 2 watts going to just one speaker so yes.., you can hear the difference. I am not even using the actual math because it is current dependent. If you get even close to reality and say you actually do start with a real 50wdc and you divide that by your average system voltage of 12v means that you are shoving close to 4 amps through your 30 foot .06 ohm per foot wire. So guess what? You are burning .24 watts per foot. 30ft of wire to one speaker is costing you over seven watts out of your precious 50. There are no special skills. It is just the way electricity works. This is a very simple model but maybe you get the idea now.

It is also where the 5-10 lb/ft of torque is on my curve. If it is on the curve where you are normally seeing 200 then no I cound not tell the difference. If it manifest on the curve where I normally see 30 to 100 as the ramp goes up or it modifies my ramp and thereby broadens the area under my torgue curve then yes, even I can tell the difference.