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need to replace engine on the cheap
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ok, so I got the compression test back and the left bank is low, both in the 30s..... so I need to pull the motor. Local shop can replace a motor for 800 (labor). I used to be able to do all of this, but being in doctorate school now I simply can not swing the time needed to do it. I did not ask about replacing the shortblock alone.... But I am kinda weary about getting a used engine.

If a get a new STI block they would still need to clean up the heads right? so i'd still be in it for 2k for the block, another what... 1k for the gaskets and whatnot that needs to be replaced, and then more labor to do the actual disassembly and reassembly. doesn't seem to be cheap at all.

any other thoughts or things I may be overlooking?
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