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If my pics aren't showing up for you, please install a Photobucket Fixer extension for your browser. Free plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox. If you still can't make it work, PM me and I can email this to you a PDF.


Cliff's notes:
Remove the trim panel under the dash. Crawl up under there and unplug the clutch starter interlock switch (the top one with the white connector). You will have more room to work if you also pull the blue plug below it. For the bypass only version, plug it onto the end of the white connector. For the selectable version, one end goes onto the white connector and the other end goes back into the clutch switch, and then you run the red wires to your selector switch. This completes the install. Don't forget to plug the blue connector back in, then zip tie anything that's loose, and reassemble the dash.

Excruciatingly detailed illustrated version:
Gather the following items. Having all of this stuff in the driver's footwell area will minimize the number of trips you have to make under the dash.
  1. Phillips screwdriver (stubby or thumb wheel style; short is good)
  2. Bypass plug, or selectable version
  3. A couple of plastic zip ties
  4. Diagonal cutters or similar, for trimming the zip ties
  5. Flashlight and/or headlamp

These instructions and illustrations are from my 2005 LGT. If your Subaru is a different model or generation it may differ with respect to any trim panels or other stuff in your way under the dash, but the connectors on the clutch pedal should be the same.


1. Remove the black plastic trim panel under the dash. First, remove the two Phillips head pop-its at the front corners. The center pop-it is a straight pull type, so just grasp the area of the trim panel around it and give a good tug straight down to detach the panel.

2. Remove the 4 Phillips screws that hold the OBD-II connector to the trim panel, then remove the trim panel and set it aside.

3. Crawl under the dash and look towards the top of the clutch pedal assembly. You will see two switches. The one with the blue connector is for the cruise control system. We won't be modifying that one, but you may find it easier to access the upper starter interlock switch (the white plug) if you unplug the blue one first. The release tab is on the bottom side. Squeeze the tab upward and pull out the blue connector and set it out of the way. This blue plug takes quite a bit of force to squeeze and pull.

4. Remove the white plug from the clutch starter switch. The release tab for this one is also on the bottom.


5a. Bypass only version: Plug the bypass jumper onto the white connector you just removed. To confirm proper function, put the trans in neutral, set the parking brake if necessary, and make sure the car will start without stepping on the clutch.

5b. Selectable bypass version: One end of the bypass harness will plug onto the white factory connector that you just unplugged, and the other end will plug into the clutch switch. To confirm proper function, twist the red wires together temporarily, put the trans in neutral and set the parking brake, then make sure the car will start without stepping on the clutch. Next, untwist the red wires, and make sure the car will NOT start unless the clutch pedal is depressed. With testing completed, you can proceed to route the red wires as necessary and connect them to your selector switch of choice.


6. Plug in the blue connector that you removed in step 3.
7. Secure the wiring with zip ties. This is more important for the “bypass only” version, to keep it from dangling freely. The selectable version will be held in place pretty well by its two connectors. If anything wiggles too freely, secure it.

8. Retrieve the black plastic trim panel and set it roughly into position.
9. Re-attach the OBD-II connector to the trim panel using the 4 Phillips screws.
10. Secure the trim panel with the 3 pop-its.


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