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I forgot to mention the lack of adjustment available in the headrest. If I make adjustments similar to Byll, then I think that puts the headrest "upright." That would mean that the back of the seat is leaning back maybe...120 degrees? (if upright is 90 deg.) Leaning back that much is weird for me because I usually have mine at like 95-100deg, but at those angles, the headrest causes problems. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

Given adjustments for height, lumbar, leg angle, back angle, seat position (distance from pedals/steer wheel), that's a lot of combinations. I really need to find that sweet spot asap, because the longer my back hurts, the more I'm going to dislike my LGT. =(

Like fredrik, part of my reason for considering an aftermarket seat is to increase the "hugging" factor. The other half is for previously mentioned reasons. =/ Then again, I don't plan on tracking or autox'ing my LGT, so I guess I don't need my seat to hug me that much. =p