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When to check engine oil, hot or cold?
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Hello, I think I am at the right section on the forums.

2005 LGT 5eat
55k miles
Last oil change about 1500 miles at Subaru dealership using OEM oil + filter.

So I just checked my engine oil and first thing I noticed was that the oil was very dark. So I checked the oil level (car was cold) and it was reading 1/2 empty (full, whatever) So freaking out, I drove about 1 mile and bought 2 quarts of 05w 30 oil. I checked the dip stick again before I put the oil in and now it was reading full... Now being totally unsure and confused I just put in 1 qt and it was still reading full (not exceeding that top groove)

I searched but couldn't find any info on whether to check oil level when engine is cold or hot, sorry.

Prior to the last oil change, I used Motul and the oil color never got this dark nor did it burn any oil (I cannot remember if I ever check the dipstick when the engine was cold)

So did I just make a huge mistake? What should be my next step? I did notice the car idling even lower.

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