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Realistically, you can't compare your hp/tq numbers from your tuning session @ cobb vs Kozmic...Every dyno reads differently, only way to compare would have been to do a baseline here or go back to Cobb for a few pulls and see what it puts down. From what I have seen, Cobb's dyno tends to read 10-11.5% higher than ours.

Note: In the dyno charts above, the comparison on the 2 different pulls is with or without correction factor...not before vs after.

"So here it is... Sorry it's taken a bit. If you look at my first tune chart with basically only the TMIC and the invidia CBE vs. this tune I'm sorta at a loss on why they are almost the same outside a small gain on the top end - and that's with a DP+mid pipe,1000ID inject, 18g, fuel pump upgrades.... Hmmmmmm....thoughts?"

The fueling upgades do not make additional power, they simply provide the fuel to make additional power. Remember the downpipe is still catted at the end of the day. The 18g, while a nice upgrade, normally does not start shining until the higher boost levels (Not saying it will on your car, but from my experiences with the BNRs on other platforms) which you were limited by with the intercooler piping, engine safety, etc.

At the end of the day, numbers is like comparing apples to oranges. Does the car feel good, drive smooth and make power? Are you happy with the car? Do you trust the work and the people that touched the car?

If you need number results, actual gains, etc, then a drive to Cobb will be necessary for a few pulls.

-David@Kozmic Motorsports