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Originally Posted by oxymoron36 View Post
Hey guys, picked up a junked 95 legacy L a few weeks ago as a parts car. The 2.2 in it is in decent shape however, so I'm thinking about pulling it out and rebuilding it and maybe doing a turbo build. Did a bit of research on the matter, just looking to see what you guys would recommend as far as what works and what doesn't. I'm not looking to build a 500hp car, just something with some "umph"

Any advice, suggestions, and tips would be very much appreciated
Thanks guys
Here are the parts that you need for a small boosted EJ22E (what you have):
22T exhaust manifold, turbo, down & up pipe.
22T intake.
22T water/oil pump.
WRX top mount intercooler.
22T heads (already drilled & tapped for turbo).
You DO NOT need a 22T block for the power you are trying to produce.
They are very rare, very expensive, & are overkill if you're not trying to actually reach over 400bhp.
The 22E is an open deck block & open decks are just fine for boost.
It's the pistons you have to worry about but if you get the compression ratio between 8:1 & 8.5:1, you'll be fine as long as you can prevent detonation from occurring.

Now it gets better w/DOHC heads (putting them on instantly drops your CR to the boost ready range 8.5:1 - 8.8:1).
If you REALLY want to open up a lot of potential with a low budget, you get EJ25D heads from a 97-99 GT/Outback/SUS, & you drill & tap them for the oil/coolant lines.
Next, you get a 11mm oil/water pump for the extra supply of oil/coolant your turbo & heads will now need.
After that, you can keep the 25D cams or switch them out to the EJ20R or EJ20K cams for higher rpms.
Next, you get the WRX hardware (turbo, intercooler, exhaust manifold, up/down pipes...)
Bigger fuel injectors (22T injectors should be okay for low boost).
Bigger fuel pump.

On a completely unrelated response, all USDM 2.0L turbos are open deck while a LOT of JDM 2.0Ls are either semi open deck or closed deck blocks.

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