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I wanted to throw a correction out there for the seatbelt minder thing...

Yes, I read the 40 pages of how to do it. Yes, I read the Gen 4. Yes, I read 400 people saying "do a search! Do a search! WAAAAH!"
But here's the issue:
People say to put it in the ACC position. NO!!!! WRONG!
The ACC position is the first click forward. Radio goes on. But that's not the position.
You must have it in the ON position, which is the click just before ignition. The fan goes on, dash lights up. THAT is the position it should be in.
So, definitively...

1) Put the key in
2) Turn to the ON position
3) Quickly insert to click in and then unclick. Do that 20 times+ FAST.
4) Turn key to off
5) Start car.

If it worked, the seatbelt light and chime won't function.
If it didn't work, seatbelt guy is still illuminated after 3 seconds or so. TRY AGAIN!
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