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Wait, don't everyone leave just yet....


I threw 2 codes in the last couple months, which disabled the cruise / traction control.

Dealer said the 1st was a gascap code, so no huge deal. 2nd time, I got annoyed, and went back (I've been closing gascaps since before you were...well for a long time). More annoyed when the dealer said it was a "missfire" and I needed an induction cleaning (I felt like he was calling me a sucker ). Since warranty was within 1 week of expiring, I agreed to it, to rule case it were something much worse. I get the car back, it runs about the same (not bad, not perfect), no CEL. Drive it for about 2 weeks, now the warranty is officially over. Yesterday I open the passenger door and notice 2 green connectors hanging down from the dash (you don't see them from the driver's seat). First impulse was to connect them. That didn't go well: CEL lit up, and radiator fan went into convulsions. Unplugged them. Situation back to normal....I hope. All I could think was that the dealer disconnected something, masking the problem until the warranty expired.

So just to be sure, are these supposed to be disconnected and hanging loose? Wurkinman thinks so...if we are talking about the same connectors. 2 bright green connectors that just begged to be nul or blank inbetween???