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It is nothing but a rip off..... do the math!

Some cliff notes:
-The maint plan goes to 36K and 45K
-It is "scheduled" maintenance....meaning every 7500 miles. (I know Subaru has a cliff note that indicates 3750 but 3.6R is scheduled for every 7500)

Depends on how long you will keep the car. This is something offered to me every time and I get in bunch of arguments with the finance people.

My car is a 45K 3 year lease which means:

7,500 oil change: $50.00
15,000 service / oil change: $50.00
22,500 oil change: $50.00
30,000 service: ~$700.00
37,500 oil service: $50.00
45,000 oil service: $50.00
I rotate my own tires every 5K

So that is: 5 oil changes: $250
30K maint : $700
Total: $950
The "Best" price they offered me was $1120 on the 45K plan and as you can see from the math their argument miserably failed with me.

Now that is if you do not have any coupons. The dealer where I service my car constantly sends me 10%, 20% off coupons or $29,99 oil change offers.

They made it very clear to me that the Subaru service plan covers only scheduled maintenance and nothing else. So I don't know what people are talking about when they mention 3K oil changes and 2 tire replacements (since when you only replace 2 tires on a subaru under maintenance plan)

On a 3.6R you will most likely do 5K oil changes (what I do) and will end up paying out of pocket anyway.

I also have no desire to pay interest on a future service plan if I am financing or leasing the car.

Another thing to consider is what happens to your 1200 if your car gets stolen, totaled & etc...... GL claiming a prepaid service plan from your insurance company that has nothing to do with the value of the car.

Now if you are talking about "Subaru added security" which is nothing but an extended warranty, that is different. It all depends how long you are planning on keeping your car. I usually don't keep my cars too long after the warranty expires.

I hope it all makes sense.

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