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Anyone else consider a CPO TL vs a New Legacy 3.6r?
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I posted this on the Acura forum but figured I would try it here also

Hey Guys, Iíve been on this forum lurking around a little bit. Iím in the market for a new car in the coming months and need some opinions. I currently drive a 2004 pathfinder (not armada) and my wife drives an s60. Iím looking for a reasonably powerful AWD sedan for around $30k.

Iíve pretty much ruled out anything European since reliability is high on my priority list. My brother in law owns a G35 that I have driven. I love the 0-60 times but I donít really like anything else about it to be honest. It feels like owning that car would get old really quick. At 6í2 I feel a little cramped in it. Once I eliminate European cars there aren't a lot of other options out there.

So by process of elimination Iíve got myself down to two cars. I know these two cars are in a completely different class but they both meet my requirements. A CPO TL SH-AWD with tech (around 35k miles) or a 2013 Legacy 3.6r Limited (no nav). Both are around $30k. Do any of you have experience with both or has anyone considered a similar scenario? It will be a few weeks before I get out to test drive but the wait is driving me crazy. I was pretty dead set on a TL since I have friends with 3g TLís but a brand new car vs a 3 year old car is pretty tempting.
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