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Originally Posted by deltasierrahotel View Post
Alright, folks. I've got a mystery to unravel on this topic...

Just got a new clutch Friday cause my TOB was on its way out. On my way home from the shop, my check engine light came on so I took it back yesterday. The mechanic pulled the code and told me it's a misfire on #4, unrelated to the clutch job.

I'm going to change my plugs tonight (sounds like fun, I'll be using the walk through on this forum. Thanks, Dookie!). I'll also run through some injector cleaner through but if that doesn't fix it, I'm thinking maybe a vac hose or something may have gotten disconnected during the clutch replacement? Does that sound possible?

The other thing that happened is they replaced an axle while they were in there and got grease on the exhaust system, so it was smoking during their test drive. When I was sitting waiting to pick up the car they guys were spraying A LOT of brake cleaner or something up into the car from the bottom to get the grease off. Any chance they soaked one of the coil packs or something? Or are they totally weather-proof?

Any thoughts as to how to approach this would be appreciated. My car's been out of commission for a week and I really just want to get back on the road with a TOB that's not about to fail and no check engine lights on. Right now I'm at $1,600 and I'm hoping I don't have to put too much more into this before I'm able to stop getting rides to work every day.
1600 for a clutch? Should have made the trip up to us and saved a bit.

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