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Title: Warum? Weil Rennwagen
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Originally Posted by BarManBean View Post
Bullet-proofing your stock TMIC will certainly suffice for a VF52 setup--you'll likely see very little gain from going with an aftermarket unit, maybe a bit more if you go process west but I haven't seen a direct comparison back-to-back. Front mount will likely net you a bit more at the expense of additional piping and hassle.
I'm planning to bulletproof mine (Thanks BMB) in prep for a vf52. As my car sits right now, I'm pulling roughly 240g/s with a stg 2 tune on a vf40. I know its fairly inaccurate to base hp from g/s, but its the only estimate I have. That said, I should be putting down somewhere close to 270whp.

If you're planning a turbo upgrade, you should make sure your engine can handle it by buttoning down all of the failure points through the system. IE the tmic (will leak over 17psi), bpv (may or may not leak at 52 boost levels), fuel pump (so you don't risk running lean by not being able to supply enough fuel).

I've also heard the turbo inlet should be swapped out, as well as oil supply lines, and an EBC will help control boost.

You can upgrade the turbo without doing these things, but you risk boost leaks, etc, and run the risk of detonation. IMO, its not worth the risk.