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"stage 2" VF40 to VF52, stock fuel.
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Has anyone that's done this care to share their impressions? I've got a catless turbo back and a pretty conservative tune on the car at the moment. The mod bug is starting to rear it's ugly head again and I want a bit more power. I'm looking around and it seems like the VF52 + an aftermarket topmount can get some pretty decent numbers (280-290whp), but then it also seems like there's these super stock turbo cars at 270/280whp. These could very well be inflated numbers though, depending on the dyno.
I guess my question here is whether or not a more aggressively tuned VF40 car with more bolt ons (tmic/headers/intake) will be as quick as a VF52 car with a catless UP/DP and bigger topmount but on the stock fuel system. There's a lot of numbers floating around and I'd like to hear some real world experiences.
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