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Title: That's unpossible!
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I've only ever known the OBDII test in NJ. It isn't bad.

Originally Posted by Diavolo View Post
As far as the OBDII reading part of the test (not visual) does any one know:

1. If we have a tune will we pass? Or is a reflash to stock required?
It depends on the numbers CA requires to pass. Many of us go through OBDII inspection in NJ with our tuned LGTs and never have trouble passing.

1a. Then we have to drive around how many miles to populate values?
Again, it depends. I couldn't give an exact number, but 100 miles will definitely do it.

2. If a tuned car ignores data from a removed sensor, how will the test results show?
If you're talking about the EGT probe resistor mod, the code can be shut off with an AP or RomRaider and it won't pop up again.

3. Will an Accessport Mask codes?
Yes, but at the same time it will reset the readiness monitors. You will fail if the car hasn't been through the required cycles to set the monitors. Any stored, current, or pending codes will be an automatic fail, at least they are in NJ. Considering you must have a majority of the readiness monitors set in order to pass inspection, there's a good chance the CEL will pop up again in the miles spent trying to set the monitors

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