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So a little update for those that care

I took my car to Agile over the Thanksgiving break to get retuned since I went back to dual and the pipes are bigger than my single was. Hill was doing a run through the rpms making sure everything was smooth at first I guess. He said it was pulling time horribly (the worst he had ever seen in all his years tuning) and he was afraid that just one run would do the engine in. Just to see if it made it any better he backed the boost off to 12psi and ran it once. The shop filled with smoke and he said it still did it. He refused to push it anymore because even at 12psi it wanted to blow. I made 240/250 on 12psi though

I told him that for about a month I was having problems starting it sometimes and thought my starter was possibly going. He asked how it sounded when I was trying to start it and I said it would crank unevenly....then he gave me a "I'm about to break your heart" look. He asked how it was driving and he was completely shocked that it had been driving fine because when they did a compression test 2 cylinders were fine but the other 2 were 115 and 119.....which is why it was cranking unevenly sometimes when I started it.

Anywho....I replaced my engine 2 years ago. I ended up getting an engine out of an '08 WRX that was wrecked in the back and it had 20k on it. They did a compression test on it and everything looked/seemed ok. Turned out they must have taken it apart for some reason and water must have gotten in it because it had some rust spots on the cylinder walls from possibly sitting before I bought it. So, over the past couple years the damage was already done it just got worse. My fuel filer was crushed too no idea how that happened lol.

This past summer my radiator cracked and I overheated on the highway. So, my headgasket was melted too.

When it is all said and done I will be left with a very ugly bill And a built bottom end Mmmm Cosworth goodies.

Hopefully it will be done next week and I will have her back.....I miss her sooo bad.