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Originally Posted by 3.6rrrrrmatey View Post
Replace the sensor you irresponsible idiot. I wonder why your tire blew out? *facepalm*

My tire guy charges $40 for a Subaru TPMS sensor.
Are you volunteering to pay his sensor cost and any TPMS relearning fee that might be involved? Will you also cover eight tires worth for me, plus the cost of the training tools so I can do my own seasonal tire swaps and general tire rotations?

Where do you get off calling it irresponsible to not fix the TPMS, anyway? OP does his own tire inspection, and older people like me somehow managed to drive around safely for decades without TPMS. We didn't suddenly get stupid just because TPMS came into existence.

The biggest reasons we even have it now are run-flat tires and the Ford Explorer/Firestone mess of a few years ago. Do you see either of those situations being applicable here? I certainly don't. Black tape for the win.

I'll have to take a picture of what I kept from a tire that got cut down while driving if you think that TPMS is essential. I'd tell you the whole story from puncture to putting the spare on, but I doubt you'd believe me.


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