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New CA Smog OBDII Info Thread
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Update June 2014:
Looks like some places are still doing the sniffer test.
We're able to pass with any tune as long as we have the catalytic converters to clean it up /pass visual.

Let's post info here.
Anyone had to Smog yet?

What do you guys think about OBDII reading as means of Emissions test;
Good thing or Bad thing for modified cars?

Looks like they'll just do a visual inspection, and then plug in and make sure theres no codes. No tailpipe sniffer.

I'm currently reading a bunch of State Documents trying to understand it.
As far as vehicle computers go, I'm no guru.
Thats what I really want to understand. How our computers work, and what information they will be transmitting.

Does anyone have a strong understanding of this?

As far as the OBDII reading part of the test (not visual) does any one know:

1. If we have a tune will we pass? Or is a reflash to stock required?
1a. Then we have to drive around how many miles to populate values?

2. If a tuned car ignores data from a removed sensor, how will the test results show?

3. Will an Accessport Mask codes?

I kinda wish they would just let us run any tune, any mods, with any catalytic converter as long as it passed sniffer.
That would be the logical way to control pollution.

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