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Originally Posted by 3.6rrrrrmatey View Post
LOL @ you getting mad. I hope you are as mad as the people you held up because of your tire blowing out.

I bet the shop offered to fix the TPMS for $40 and you were like "Nawww yooo homey don't need dat shiiiaat come on son! $40 damnnnnnnnn yo you trying to rob me."

yea...right... o.O

Originally Posted by wrxwhit View Post
I'm a service manager for Firestone so free for me. We typically don't charge a customer for resets. Literally takes seconds in most vehicles. Customers are happy and become loyal to the business after providing this service to them. Also, my Dorman's reset just like my oem's without a hitch.
I went to a firestone/bridgestone shop after I got back up to LA as those were the tires I was riding around on. I was pretty turned off by the way they treated me in that they didn't really seem to give a shit about what happened to the tire. It wasn't normal wear and tear that caused the tire to blow out, it was clearly a road hazard. Now, I know that's hard to prove and I'm pretty sure it's not the easiest thing to prove, but I would imagine that they would do more than give the tire a glance and say "yea sorry, nothing we can do." Not even so much as picking up the tire and inspecting it. I called Firestone directly, conferenced in the store manager who bold face lied and said he'd done a thorough inspection. It just really pissed me off.