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Throttle Body Coolant lines
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So my car was overheating the other day and I found that I had a coolant leak somewhere on top of my engine on the drivers side. I knew this because when I was searching with a flashlight I saw little pools of coolant in the casting ridges in the block. So of course I am like WTF? how is coolant leaking there???

I figured the best way to get a good look at what was going on was to take off the intake manifold. It was a minor pain, but not too bad. (That last little bolt on the bottom is a Subaru engineer saying "F*#k you"!! )

So I was able to trace the leak to a little coolant line feeding the Throttle Body. Again I say "WTF"?? I had NO idea coolant flowed through the throttle body. I used my level 10 googlefu skills and found out that it's hot coolant flowing to warm up the throttle body for cold weather (I guess so the butterfly valve does not stick). I also find out that some people do a bypass "mod".

So my question is this: Should I even think about doing this "mod" while I have everything apart?? Is there any benefit to this?? I live in So Cal so its pretty warm year round. I do go to Mammoth, Big Bear or other cold weather areas every now and then, but not often at all. The main benefit to this "mod" IMO is that doing it is quick and easy and I don't have to go buy parts and it's hopefully one less leak point in the future.

I also have very good access to the TVG's at the moment....Do I even think about taking them out?? I am not pushing big power nor do I plan to. It's more of a "While I am in there" type of things.

So what say you my fellow LGT'ers?
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