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Originally Posted by CL21376 View Post
Accelerating @ 40 = 2nd
Cruising @ 40 = 3rd
This. My cutoff for shifting to 4th is generally 45.

Originally Posted by Ellesedil View Post
At 40 MPH in 4th, a GT will be pretty much at 2k RPM's. Shifting into 5th will probably put you at 1500 or lower, with absolutely no power available to maintain your current speed, let alone accelerate (if you need to go at 40 MPH, you need to be in 2nd or 3rd).
That and you'll seriously piss off your turbo.

I don't accelerate below 2k in ANY gear other than 1st/2nd. I'm not a huge fan of overboost. No, I'm not talking about just plain "boost" that car companies are now trying to relabel as "overboost" because the average driver thinks it sounds cool.