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Originally Posted by O.C.D. View Post
Two words ya gotta pay attention to:

1. Subaru
2. Colorado

You are around thousands and thousands of potential owners. This isn't Florida where the vehicle is a niche vehicle.

I gladly paid $11,700 for my '05 wagon from Denver a couple months back.

You need to put it into perspective. Is a great/good car worth that extra $1 or $2 possible K?

That is up to you.
I think this statement was very accurate. And the truth is that I do believe that most of these cars are worth what people are asking. I just don't have that extra 2k. If I did I would probably already own one haha.

Right now I am on the east coast, so I am having a friend who is experienced with subarus test drive it for me tomorrow.
So I have revised my initial post to reflect my new question:

What do you think that the car in the first post is worth, and what would you pay for it with the salvage title?