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Originally Posted by RoaringScotsman View Post
So the search continues.
Thus far i have found two 2007 spec B.
Both are un modded one has 64000 miles two owners clean title best deal i can seem to get is $17000.
The second has 90000 miles clean title and is $15800
There is also a 2008 with 64000 miles but $18500.
There are numerous 2005 to 2007 GT Limited available in manual 5spd trannies and varying mileage.
These cars are substantiallly cheaper from $9000 to about $13000.
Tough decision here I am struggling with spending the extra money to step up to the Spec B.
It does appear that regardless the 2007 years offer a couple more electronics with aux inputs etc, but really you can buy and install a nice stereo/nav system for $1000?

Further guidance is needed from you Legacy guru's , Im new to this game (no kid lol) and a smart buy is needed here.
Thanks Again
07 got the nicer interior already, so 08 you are really just getting the updated the look + a little here and there
with all the LGT/SpecB you can't really swap out the HU, unless you do the JDM conversion ($350 piece of dash trim kit)
I'd pick out the car with the most complete maintenance record out of the three you described. At 90k you are nearing the timing belt service at 105k, which can cost up to $1500.
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